Podcast - The Immortal Fly

A listening podcast read by Rachel from the ELL

Practice your listening skills, learn new vocabulary and improve your pronunciation by listening to an English Language podcasts brought to you direct from Rachel at the English Language Lab.

This one is based on a short story by Dave Eggers called
'The Immortal Fly'


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Rachel Boyce
Rachel Boyce

I am a English native speaker, originally from the area around London, and I qualified as a teacher some 20 years ago.

I also have a recent Master’s in English Language teaching. So, I have been giving lessons for a long time and have a lot of expertise in giving students the best help possible. In the past I have worked with learners face-to-face. in schools and businesses locally, so know how to teach a wide range of levels and different needs.

Now I work exclusively with learners online. I specialise in helping students with fluency and being confident when they communicate in English. I also help with many different English exams, specifically those provided by Cambridge English, as well as teach business English, improving meeting and presentation performance, and helping with interview preparation.


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