What is it?

Hotshot Speaker is a 1 month package, that allows you to book a 1 hour lesson every day with a discount off the standard total price. (Subject to availability and opening hours)


  • Total maximum lessons = 20 x 1 hour.
  • You can choose which teacher you prefer, or even mix them.
  • You can purchase the package in Dollars, Euros or Sterling.
  • The offer gives you a 20% discount off the standard total price.
  • The package is valid for 1 month from the day of purchase.


Times & Dates

First decide your preferred teachers, times and dates for the lessons. We will then check and approve these, and send you a payment request.
(Your preferred dates and times must correspond to our opening hours and are subject to availability. In cases of conflict alternatives will be offered.)

Get started now!

HotShot Speaker €460*
* Dollar and Sterling prices will reflect current exchange rates
** Maximum number of lessons with Rachel per week = 1